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F 207 Capo


Wide use disinfectant powder based on chlorine.

Special features

  • Disinfectant powder for versatile use.
  • Dissolves rapidly.
  • Suitable also for laundry bleaching.


Suitable for the disinfection of various objects in dairies, food industries and slaughterhouses, toilettes etc. Also for disinfection of animal sheds, milking machines and milk dishes on milk farms.


Solution pH 6.5

Appearance and scent

White powder

Package Size

Product Code


6 x 900 g 80614   6417964806144
Package Size
Product Code 80614
GTIN 6417964806144


Store at a cool, dry place over 10 °C temperature.

Instructions for use

To be used as such or as a use solution (the measuring spoon 3,5 g, inside the package).

Recommended dosage

Disinfection and removal of foul odour 3,5 g/10 l of water

Disinfection of swimming pool water 10.5 g/10 m3 of water

Removal of mold 4-5g/wkg

Laundry bleaching: Add to the other flushing water, temperature 25-28 °C, time 7-8 min. Finally anti-chlorination with sodium thiosulphate.


Remember the safe use of biocides. Always read label and safety data sheet carefully before use.


Ingredient Effect
Sodium dichloroisocyanurate (amount of active chlorine) (56 %) Forms microbicidal subchlorous acid (amount of active chlorine)