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Easydes disinfectant surface cleaner wipe

Disinfection Wipe

Disinfectíng wipes for medical devices. 16 pcs/pack.


For disinfection and cleaning of small objects and surfaces of medical devices. May also be used for electronic medical devices (such as keyboards etc.), if their producer allows the use of alcohol based products. For professional use.


Product pH 10

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code


16 x 16 pcs 8285   6417964082852
Package Size
Product Code 8285
GTIN 6417964082852


At room temperature. Shelf life 1,5 years from manufacturing.

Instructions for use

Easydes Wipes are ready to use as they are, one wipe at a time. Wipe the surface throughly and carefully. Most often no pre-washing or rinsing of is necessary. When the disinfectant has evaporated and the surface has dried, disinfection has taken place.

Opened package must be used within 7 days. Close the package carefully after use to keep the alcohol from evaporating. Mark the date of first use on the package with a ballpoint pen.


In case of Clostridium difficile epidemies use of Klorilli or Erisan Oxy+ disinfectant is recommended, as spores can not be inactivated with ethanol based products.


Ingredient Effect
Ethanol (60 p-%) Biocide
Tertiary butanol (< 2 %) Denaturation agent
Quaternary ammonium chloride (< 0,5 %) Biocide, cleaning properties
Alkylamine (< 0,5 %) Biocide