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Hygiene Test

The dipslide includes two different culture media for aerobic bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

Special features

  • Culture media for aerobic bacteria, yeasts and moulds.


The product is suitable for coolants, cutting liquids and paper industry liquids. It is also suitable for analysing contamination in petrochemical industry tanks and the fuel tanks of aeroplanes and ships.

Country of manufacture


Package Size

Product Code


1 x 1 pkg. 423950   6417964485097
Package Size
Product Code 423950
GTIN 6417964485097

Instructions for use

The sample is taken by dipping the plate in the liquid to be examined. The plate can also be wetted in a liquid jet. The excess liquid is drained off the plate. The plate can be grown either at room temperature or in the oven (Cultura M). After culture, the density of the colonies is compared refer to the model table in the user manual.