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Akvapur SM 4000

Akvapur SM 4000 is a foil coating adhesive for furniture doors.

Special features

  • Low activation temperature
  • Use of 2 components provides high after heat resistance
  • Good edge spreading properties


Akvapur SM 4000 is used for the PVC foil coatings of MDF or other wood-based board blanks milled with cutter when using membrane or deep drawing techniques.

Package Size

Product Code

Akvapur SM 4000 IBC cont T3828.994  
Akvapur SM 4000 15 kg T3828.015  
Akvapur SM 4000 IBC cont Inliner T3828.997  
Package Size Akvapur SM 4000 IBC cont
Product Code T3828.994
Package Size Akvapur SM 4000 15 kg
Product Code T3828.015
Package Size Akvapur SM 4000 IBC cont Inliner
Product Code T3828.997





Mixing ratio

Akvapur SM 4000 100 weight parts
Hardener C 0 - 5 weight parts


4000 mPas (Brookfield, RVT +20°C)

Application temperature

To activate the adhesive film, a minimum temperature of 55°C is required. The adhesive joint must be activated within 20 hours following the application of the adhesive.


In room temperature 30-60min


In unopened containers at +20 °C for 12 months.

Instructions for use

Thoroughly mix Akvapur SM 4000 with Hardener C.. The surfaces to be glued should be free from dust, grease etc. Apply an even uniform coat of the adhesive onto the board blanks with an air assisted airless spray gun (Airmix®) or a high pressure spray gun. Let the adhesive dry until transparent. After the drying time the coating foil is preheated and drawn and/or pressed onto the board blank using a deep drawing or membrane press. See the instructions provided by the foil and machine manufacturer.

Environment and safety

Avoid unnecessary skin contact with and exposure to the fresh product: use safety gloves. Refer to material safety data sheet. For information on product and package disposal, visit

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