Kiilto reacted quickly to Panda’s need for an adhesive

Panda's confectionary factory needs adhesives to manufacture boxes of chocolates, for example. The factory's urgency to find a new adhesive supplier was real when cooperation with the old supplier suddenly came to an end.

Panda and Kiilto had engaged in some minor cooperation before that, so it felt natural for the factory to turn to a supplier.

“The most important thing was that Kiilto reacted quickly to the emergency. Sales and technical support arrived within a week of our first contact,” Panda's senior packaging engineer Pasi Pienimäki says.

“The most important thing was that Kiilto reacted quickly to the emergency.”

Kiilto was able to provide Panda with a complete product with food industry approval in the EU and the United States. A test run with the adhesives was conducted at the factory as soon as the following week, which marked the true beginning of the cooperation.

“The adhesive was exactly right for us, and we were able to implement it very quickly. Kiilto's decades of experience are apparent in everything they do, and we have also received comprehensive support.”

Kiilto's adhesive is now used in eight applications, including chocolate boxes, cardboard boxes and small boxes of sweets. The product is also more user-friendly and comfortable to the workers than before, as it is nearly odourless.

The fact that Kiilto is a Finnish supplier and was able to promise continuity was also appealing.

“It’s great to have a Finnish company as a partner. We can count on not repeating the same problems as with the previous supplier.”