Crispbread factory relies on Kiilto glues

Lantmännen Cerealia Oy exclusively uses Kiilto adhesives in its packaging: when selecting its supplier, the company emphasised reliable delivery, competitive price and operations based in Finland. The cooperation with Kiilto is smooth and the adhesives work flawlessly. Approval of hot melt glue for food packaging brought a new customer for a crispbread factory.

Located in Kotkansaari, the Lantmännen Cerealia Oy factory operates continuously in three shifts throughout the year. Thousands of packages of crispbread are finished every hour.

In the autumn of 2015, the large German organic food company Alnatura requested a German BFR approval for the glues used in the crispbread packages of Lantmännen Cerealia Oy’s Kotka plant.

“After being informed of the new customer’s requirements, we were able to quickly help the Lantmännen Cerealia factory with the BFR requirements,” says Kiilto’s customer service manager Juha Rinne.

"The standards and regulations for adhesives used in food packages vary between countries."

“We did not yet have such a product, but we determined what we needed to do to make one and we were quickly able to try the new adhesive out in Lantmännen Cerealia’s production.”

The glue was introduced in the spring of 2016 on the crispbread production line, and the factory could start deliveries to its new customer.

Adhesives tailored for the process boost production efficiency

In the future, the Lantmännen Cerealia factory intends to expand its use of Kiilto adhesives and simplify the product range.

“The fewer the types of glue we need to use, the simpler it is for us at the factory. We aim at using just one glue, or two at most. The development work with Kiilto will continue,” says Juha Puskala, the plant’s packaging technician.

 Service, quality and reliability guarantee satisfaction

The Lantmännen Ceralia factory has exclusively used Kiilto adhesives in its packaging for around five years now. The facility goes through thousands of kilograms of Sitomelt EVO 10 glue each year. Kiilto was selected as the partner due the company being a Finnish high-quality supplier.

“The cooperation with Kiilto has been excellent. The glues work well, the supply is reliable and the price is competitive. The fact that Kiilto is based in Finland also weighed heavily in its favour,” Puskala says. In addition to this, Kiilto's technical support receives its share of praise: “Technical support is close at hand, and service is always available.”


Lantmännen Cerealia Oy

Lantmännen Cerealia Oy, formerly Vaasan Oy, is a bakery company established in 1849 operates in the Baltic countries in addition to Finland. The most famous brands are Vaasan Ruispalat, Vaasan Taika and Vaasan Isopaahto. The factories employ more than 1,500 professionals of various fields in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Slightly less than a thousand of them are situated in Finland.