Support and activation during different life phases

Kiilto and KiiltoClean help their employees to thrive at work in different phases of life. Sabbaticals, semi-retirement, remote work and shorter working hours provide opportunities for flexible work on an everyday basis. Our care service for sick children helps employees to balance their work with family life, whereas part-time sick leave helps those who cannot manage a full working day but want to regain their daily working rhythm. In many cases, work can play a rehabilitative role.

Kiilto and KiiltoClean promote employee fitness by providing a wide range of exercise options. Campaigns and fitness tests motivate our employees to ensure that they are getting enough exercise. Kiilto and KiiltoClean have 'Active Workplace certification', which is renewed every two years, This is a tool for assessing and developing our employees' physical activity. The main aim is to provide organisations with feedback on various aspects of physical activity amongst staff.

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