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Social responsibility


We have an open and inspiring atmosphere

Kiilto has an experimental culture which encourages staff to present even the wildest ideas. There is also room for failure, because continuous learning generates insights which illuminate our path towards strong international growth. Kiilto's personnel are its key asset and security.

The safety of our customers and building users is also covered by Kiilto's social responsibility. We improve the safety of our products by presenting and marketing them responsibly. In addition, we can help to improve the safety and comfort of buildings by developing our customers' expertise.

To ensure that human rights are implemented at all stages of Kiilto's business activities, we seek to prevent the use of child labour and to promote equality in the working environment. In this way, we are creating a fairer world and improving the wellbeing of our personnel.

In our business operations, we commit to integrity, combating corruption and complying with the legislation, rules and regulations applicable to our operations. We require our subcontractors and suppliers to comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes provisions on legal compliance, as well as anti-bribery and good business practices: