Kiilto and KiiltoClean are guided by chemicals legislation. Both companies keep abreast of chemicals legislation, such as permit issues and possible bans. Staying ahead of the game is important to ensuring that products and their markings and user safety are up to date.

Key legislative tools for the chemicals sector include the EU's directives on the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals, such as REACH, CLP and the Biocidal Products Directive. As downstream users of chemicals, Kiilto and KiiltoClean must ensure that suppliers have registered their ingredients with the joint European registry maintained by the European Chemicals Agency. Registration involves assessing the dangerous properties in substances and the risks involved in their use, as well as labelling substances with information on their safe use. Our certified management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 13485 for medical devices cover product development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, customer services, storage and material-related activities. View and print out the certificates here.

We are also committed to the principles of the ISO 26000 social responsibility standard and the Responsible Care programme, an international chemical industry programme focusing on health, safety and environmental performance.

Our environmental management principles are included in our operating policy. Our Managing Director is in charge of our operating policy, which was last reviewed in 2019. The policy covers all Kiilto offices.

We aim to keep growing the share of our products that have environmental and safety certification. Classifications awarded to Kiilto products in recognition of their environmental safety include the Nordic Ecolabel, CE label, M1 classification and LEED.

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