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Environmental responsibility


We aim to provide safe products and a safe environment

Kiilto's adhesives, coatings, detergents and hygiene products can be found in hundreds of thousands of households, workplaces and other built environments. Kiilto is strongly present in the everyday work of construction, cleaning and healthcare professionals.

Kiilto is part of Finland's chemical industry and its product safety is subject to particular scrutiny by stakeholders. As an industrial company, Kiilto is part of the global network through which we have been able to build our own wellbeing and society in its current form.

We aim to create a safer environment for our employees and all people working with our products.

Our Promise to the Environment

An ecological mindset has always been important to us: we aim to continue investing heavily in positively affecting the environment. Environmental practices in line with the 'Our Promise to the Environment' project of 2018 have been steadily integrated more closely with our processes. All Kiilto employees play a role in this environmental work. Read more about the goals and theme areas of the 'Our Promise to the Environment' project.