Value chain management is critical to the realisation of Kiilto's vision. Kiilto enhances economic stability within its value chain by creating good business relationships and sharing intellectual capital.

Measurements of shared value include Kiilto's financial stream, i.e. the way in which its financial input is distributed within the surrounding society. Kiilto is a corporate citizen whose footprint is visible in the form of wellbeing and good practices. Some regions in which Kiilto operates have not reached the same level, in this respect, as western countries like Finland. However, Kiilto's tax footprint in developing countries is stable and stands out positively from the mainstream. Kiilto creates a basis for financial sustainability by promoting ethically sustainable practices throughout its value chain. Crime and abuse are prevented by developing purchasing and sales activities and through anti-corruption activities. Such measures promote the emergence of more equal societies.

Bonus system encourages operational development

Kiilto's personnel play a major role in achieving results. They have a decisive impact on operational efficiency, professional skills and thereby Kiilto's financial results. If Kiilto's staff help to achieve a result that exceeds the minimum targets, a bonus is shared between them. The aim is a goal-driven, fair basis for managing the company, while motivating all employees to get results and increase their personal earnings.

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