This adhesive maker sticks to its responsibilities

At Kiilto, responsibility is simply our way of working, based on the long-term reliable management of products, operations and partnerships. This means supporting sustainable development and proactively shaping the future. Our responsibility focal points are environmental and product safety, wellbeing and successful business.

Our stakeholders value our responsible approach

Our customers expect us to provide safe, high-quality products. They value good customer service and practices that make their own work safer and easier. Like our other stakeholders, our customers are interested in Kiilto as a company, employer and social actor, and value the fact that Kiilto is Finnish and locally present.

We report on our responsibilities

Our operations comply with the principles of social responsibility standard ISO 26000. We report on our corporate responsibility every three years in line with the GRI G4 (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines. We update and publish key corporate responsibility figures each year.


Concrete actions are the strongest sign of a responsible mindset. Read more about them at the bottom of the page under News/Responsibility. If you would like to find out more about our responsibility efforts, follow us on Twitter or visit our website.