Kiilto 100

We at Kiilto have been engaged in research since 1919. That means a hundred years of elements, compounds and chemical bonds. Now we can finally announce that we have found it: the strongest bond of all. It’s love. Now and in the future.

Love for work, an uncompromising ambition to aim for the best. Love for the smallest details, nano-sized particles, and a burning passion for the big picture. Love for Finland, its delicately beautiful nature and its people, whose lives we’ve been part of for generations now. Love for history, which binds us to the present, which is all there is. And love for the future which lives in us all and makes us stand shoulder to shoulder, ready to face the challenges of the next hundred years.

Love – the strongest bond of all.


Startup spirit since 1919



On 27th October 1919, Teknokemiallinen Tehdas O/Y Santalahti is founded in Pispala,Tampere. 1924 the company is named Kiilto Oy.


Number one in shoe polishes

At first, the company makes cosmetic substances for chemists, paints, polishes, waxes and adhesives for shoe factories and spirit lacquers and polishes for furniture makers.


Focus on adhesives

In the 1960s, the company decides to focus on the production of adhesives. Adhesive-related products are also included in the selection.


Expansion into cleaning sector

The company expands into the cleaning sector by including cleaning products in the product range. Extensive customer training begins.



The first international subsidiary is established in Sweden. Today there are international subsidiaries already in 12 countries.


Cleanliness and hygiene business grows

Kiilto’s cleanliness and hygiene business expands into new business areas.


New business: flame retardants

Kiilto's industrial business expands. Environmentally friendly flame retardants are created through product development.


Swedish TM Progress becomes part of Kiilto

Floor coating expertise increases through the transaction. New business operations are also built in Finland.


Kiilto brand and logo revamped

Four business areas of Kiilto: construction, professional cleanliness and hygiene, industrial bonding and hygiene solutions as well as consumer business. The Kiilto Pro product and service brand for professionals is launched as part of the change.


Kiilto becomes leading supplier of hygiene solutions in the Nordic

Kiilto acquires CCS Healthcare Holding AB and becomes a market leader in hand and surface disinfecton solutions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


Kiilto logo throughout the times