Recycle and dispose of waste properly

Product waste

Finnish waste legislation has classified liquid product waste as hazardous waste which must be taken to special locations such as municipal collection points.

Small amounts of liquid products may be evaporated until dry, by leaving the lid open in a well-ventilated space. Dried waste can be disposed of together with mixed waste.

Powdery product waste can be mixed with water and allowed to set. Set waste can be disposed of together with mixed waste. Larger amounts must be taken to collection points for hazardous waste.

Disposal at collection points is free of charge for households.

Packaging waste

Empty plastic packaging can be recycled at RINKI Oy's collection points, or disposed of as energy or mixed waste. KiiltoClean Oy’s plastic packaging is made of polypropene (PP 05) or polyethylene (PE-HD2).

Carefully drained dry metal cans and covers can be taken to metal recycling points.

Empty bags should be disposed of as energy or mixed waste.

For more information on packaging waste and your nearest collection point see:


Cleaning of tools

Tools used with water-based products can be washed with water immediately after use.

Professional or industrial customers

Companies should sign a waste management agreement with a local operator, which will give instructions on the right disposal or recycling method.

Companies in Finland can also use RINKI terminal points for the disposal of packaging after signing a company-specific agreement with RINKI Oy

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