Responsibility for safety and the environment is integral to Kiilto's daily work and guiding principles, organisational culture and strategies.

Our products are based on careful lifecycle planning

Safety and the environment are key elements in our product development and life cycle planning, from raw material and package selection to production, distribution, use and the disposal of packaging and product residue. We invest heavily in product development, which plays a major role in ensuring a socially responsible product chain.


Environmentally responsible

Because our products are our best way of affecting the future of the environment, our product development takes account of the latest developments in safety and ecology. We are actively involved in environmental organisations in the chemical industry, and take part in important projects.


Responsibility for the customer's health and safety

In product development, we try to opt for raw materials that are as harmless as possible to users and the environment. We keep a close eye on, and try to anticipate, legislative changes regarding chemicals.

Requests to develop safer products often come directly from customers. Read Parmarine Oy's story on how their work became safer, thanks to a new adhesive developed with us.