Kiilto's wood testing laboratory tests customers' adhesives upon request

Kiilto experts focus on improving their current products and developing new ones in partnership with their customers. For example, the future of wood adhesives seems extremely interesting at the moment.

Kiilto started up a new wood testing laboratory in 2015, performing some quality control for our current PVAc, EPI and PU wood adhesives. The lab also tests new products, such as wood adhesives for supporting structures.

”We also perform a number of tests in the wood laboratory at the request of customers,” says Christopher Mills, who is in charge of the product development of PU-, EPI- and PVAc-based wood adhesives at Kiilto.

The test laboratory enables Kiilto to provide its customers with the solutions they need.

"If a customer is developing a new material, designing a new production line or introducing new equipment, we can conduct the necessary tests and react more quickly and comprehensively to the customer's needs," says Mills.


Customer experiences provide new ideas for wood adhesive development

Wood adhesives have developed considerably in recent years, as the technology and customer's equipment have become faster, with production efficiency and environmental issues being highlighted. Changes have also occurred in standardisation.

"CLT, or cross-laminated wood, is a key new development and we want to be involved in using adhesives to improve production efficiency and quality," says Mills.

We also perform a range of wood laboratory tests at the request of customers.

In terms of wood adhesives, introducing renewable raw materials and combining various materials creates opportunities for future development.

"It will also be interesting to see the direction in which wood construction eventually moves. Customers are our foundation for the future, providing plenty of information on how products work and expressing their wishes for further features. In many cases, this inspires me to develop new products."

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