Analysis services

We provide a service based on both organic and inorganic analysis for private customers and businesses.

We can perform purity, composition and damage analyses on a range of materials. Our equipment includes an infrared spectrometer (Microscope/ATR-FTIR) gas chromatograph (HS/Py-GCMSD) and X-Ray Fluorescence Analyser (XRF). All analyses are agreed on a case-by-case basis with the customer.


200 €  Microscope FTIR
100 €  ATR-FTIR 
100 €  HS-GCMSD 
200 €  Py-GCMSD 
  50 €  XRF

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Kiilto-analyysipalvelut-FTIR-laitteisto-500x339px.jpgFTIR equipment

Kiilto-Pro-analyysipalvelut-HS-Py-GCMSD-laitteisto-500x339px.jpgHS/Py-GCMSD equipment