Wood has excellent properties: it's energy-efficient, durable, renewable, easy to work with and pleasing to the eye. However, untreated wood is easily flammable, which makes it less attractive for a number of purposes, such as construction.

Treating wood with Kiilto's environmentally friendly Fireproof fire retardants can improve its fire properties and fire-resistance rating. Fire-proofed wood is mainly used in roof structures, walls, wood panels and furniture. Such treatment can achieve the highest possible wood fire-resistance rating for building elements, B,s1-d0.

Various treatment options

Environmentally friendly Kiilto Fireproof W flame retardants are single-component, water-soluble, pH-neutral and industrially applicable. Their flame retardant properties are tailored to meet the customer's production process and requirements. Possible treatment methods include:

  • spray treatment
  • pressure treatment
  • dipping
  • painting

Each MDF, HDF, chipboard and plywood production line is unique. The wood type and application method also have a major effect on how the wood should be treated. Alongside the customer, Kiilto's flame retardant team plans and implements the most suitable flame retardant treatment.