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While fire is a crucial element of our daily lives, it also has devastating power. However, the use of flame retardants can help to protect people and property against it. A flame retardant is a chemical that prevents or slows down the progress of fire in the material to which the substance is applied. Kiilto's environmentally friendly flame retardants are efficient and safe to use.

Kiilto produces environmentally and user-friendly flame retardants for the wood, paper and packaging industries, and for insulation and filter materials.


A key feature of Kiilto Fireproof products is that they are easy and safe to use, and ensure the efficiency of the customer's production process. Kiilto develops its products alongside the customer, tailoring them in line with individual wishes. Our century of experience in chemical industry products and team of specialists focusing on flame retardants guarantee the best possible result for Your product.

Paper and packaging industry

Products made from paper and cardboard are being used in more and more innovative ways in a range of industries. Paper and cardboard can be used in innumerable ways. For example, corrugated board, which is made of several layers of paper, is tough enough to meet the needs of heavy industry, but sufficiently light and cost-efficient to beat many competing shipping materials.

Untreated paper and cardboard are highly flammable materials. This makes their use problematic in many applications, such as construction materials or cargo crates. The fire properties of paper or cardboard can be markedly improved by treating them with flame retardants.

Even in small amounts, Kiilto Fireproof flame retardants can achieve major improvements in flame retardant properties. Our flame retardant is environmentally friendly and will not affect the other properties or appearance of your product.


Wood industry

Wood has held its ground as a multipurpose building material suitable for a range of purposes. Wood has excellent properties: it is energy-efficient, durable, renewable, easy to work with and pleasing to the eye. Untreated wood is highly flammable, which makes it less attractive for a number of applications such as building materials.

Wood can be made more competitive and attractive in a number of segments by improving its flame retardancy. You can enhance the fire properties and fire-resistance rating of wood by treating it with Kiilto's Fireproof flame retardant. Kiilto Fireproof flame retardants are environmentally friendly and do not affect the other properties or appearance of wood.


Special products

The amendments of early 2018 to the Building Code of Finland (E1) set new challenges for insulation materials. Stricter rules on fire proofing and heat insulation are imposing restrictions on current solutions.

With the Kiilto Fireproof F product range, you can upgrade your current filter and insulation solutions to meet new standards.

Kiilto's flame retardants are the result of long-term and meticulous product development.

We have a five-person team working on flame retardants (three product development managers and two laboratory assistants) at our extensive product development unit in Lempäälä. Our laboratory offers a wide range of testing opportunities. For example, due to our cooperation with universities, we can perform cone calorimeter tests on a tight schedule. We have performed SBI (Single Burning Item) tests alongside VTT, for instance. In every case, we adapt our tests and methods to the customer's needs.

Flame retardants have long been used in materials such as plastics, rubber and textiles.

The effectiveness of flame retardants often depends on substances such as bromine, which are harmful to people and the environment. Attitudes to flame retardants have changed due to the toxicity of the substances used, their accumulation in the organs, and the resulting damage to health. In recent years, demand has grown for proactively fire-protective substances that are safe for people and the environment. As knowledge improves, legislation is continually changing to favour environmentally friendlier flame retardants. Kiilto has followed responsible practices for almost a century. As with other chemical industry products, for flame retardant solutions Kiilto's responsibility focus areas are environmental and product safety, wellbeing and successful business.

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