Note the following when wallpapering

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. A label with wallpapering instructions is supplied with each roll. Ensure that each roll has the same batch number - there may be slight colour differences between production batches. Bear in mind that wallpaper patterns can be either straight match or offset match. Straight match means that the pattern repeats at even intervals in each roll; in offset match paper every other sheet matches differently.

Check for straightness after papering each corner.

Ensure that the first sheet is straight by using a spirit level to draw a line about 55 cm from the corner, provided the sheet width is approximately 53 cm. Check for straightness after papering each corner.

Depending on the wallpaper type, spread plaster or adhesive on the rear surface of the sheet and let it soak in, or roll it directly onto the wall. Press the wallpaper into place and smooth it with a trowel or brush to create a strong bond. Wipe off any excess plaster or glue oozing from the seams right away. Trim the top and bottom edges of the sheet with a utility knife right after installing the length.