Ceramic floors, tiles, clinker tiles, mosaic tiles or natural stone?

By tiled surfaces, people usually mean ceramic tiles that can be either conventional, clinker, natural stone or mosaic tiles.

Conventional ceramic tiles are wall-mounted ceramic tiles that are dry-pressed and glazed.

Clinker tiles are denser tiles that can be either glazed or non-glazed. A tile's surface can be smooth, rough, grooved or embossed. Clinker tiles are usually dry-pressed and more accurately dimensioned, durable and weather-resistant than conventional ceramic tiles.

Mosaic tiles are small conventional or clinker tiles that are delivered in sets held together with paper or mesh.

Glass mosaic tiles are ornamental tiles used to accentuate surfaces and make them eye-catching.

Natural stone, such as marble or soapstone, is used as a surface material in the same way as ceramic tiles.