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Kitchens and dry toilets

Indoor spaces without a floor drain are considered dry spaces. So waterproofing is not generally required when tiling open spaces in a kitchen or between appliances, for example. However, waterproofing may be required if the area being tiled has a water source.

Terraces, balconies, plinths and stairs

Terraces, balconies, plinths and stairs are the most frequently tiled outdoor spaces. Tiles installed outdoors must be suitable for outdoor conditions and temperatures. All Kiilto tile adhesives can withstand outdoor conditions after drying, but the outdoor temperature must be at least +5°C during tiling. When tiling, bear in mind that the adhesive must cover the back of the tile completely to prevent tiles from loosening in low temperatures.


Bathrooms and other wet rooms

Tiling in wet rooms should be left to professionals, because it requires waterproofing that meets certain regulations. Read more.