Waterproofing prevents water damage in wet rooms

Waterproofing is an essential phase in bathroom renovations: bathrooms are wet rooms, which require waterproofing to prevent structural water damage. Waterproofing is always applied under the surface material, i.e. tiling. Closer examination of the surface structures will tell you whether or not a bathroom needs waterproofing. Waterproofing tends to be redone with each bathroom renovation.

Use certified products and a professional installer

The waterproofing layer must be durable, flexible and continuous around connections and penetrations, to keep moisture from entering structures.

Wet rooms are waterproofed in accordance with part C2 of the National Building Code issued by the Ministry of the Environment. To ensure that your wet rooms function properly, use certified waterproofing products and professional installers. To ensure that they have the right skills, ask the installers to show a waterproofing certificate issued by VTT, or a training certificate provided by the product manufacturer.