Kiilto's waterproofing systems include all the necessary waterproofing and tiling products.

Kiilto products are perfect if you choose ceramic tiles for surfacing your wet room. All Kiilto systems include mutually compatible and tested products, methods and work instructions suitable for all renovation phases.

Obtaining everything from a single supplier saves time, as well as easing work and ensuring an excellent end result.

You can choose the waterproofing system that suits you best, based on the purpose and work method.

Bathrooms, shower rooms, saunas and other wet rooms in normal warm indoor spaces:
Kiilto Kerafiber waterproofing system
Kiilto KeraPro waterproofing system

In addition to the above, wet rooms that are unheated for part of the year, summer cabin saunas, and outdoor spaces such as terraces and balconies:
Kiilto Keramix waterproofing system: indoor spaces
Kiilto Keramix waterproofing system: outdoor spaces and periodically unheated indoor spaces



For the correct instructions on working with these products, watch our videos or print out the PDF attachments below.

Kerafiber instructions

KeraPro instructions

Keramix instructions for interior areas

Keramix instructions for exterior areas and unheated interior areas