For gluing furniture and wood in a variety of conditions

  • furniture gluing indoors
  • wet room fixture gluing indoors
  • repair gluing of outdoor furniture and fixtures that are sheltered from the weather
  • repair gluing of furniture and fixtures exposed to the weather
  • tongue-and-groove gluing of parquet and laminate

Wood adhesives can also be used to glue the following:

  • plywood
  • veneer
  • chipboard
  • laminate
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • fabric
  • leather
  • mosaic

Our selection also includes adhesives for gluing wood onto non-absorbent materials, such as various metal and plastic surfaces.

The Kiilto wood adhesive selection also includes the following:

Kiilto 66 multipurpose/wood adhesive

Kiilto B3 moisture-resistant wood adhesive

Kiilto 96 Polar frost-resistant wood adhesive

Kiilto D4 Polyuretan weather-resistant wood adhesive