Kiilto B3 moisture resistant wood adhesive can be used to repair outdoor furniture that is sheltered under a canopy, for example. Kiilto D4 Polyuretan weather-resistant wood adhesive is recommended for repairing fixtures fully exposed to the weather.

Pressure-treated wood can only be glued once it has aged. Fresh pressure-treated wood is often too moist, but dries with time, after which items such as pressure-treated outdoor furniture can be glued using Kiilto D4.

Kiilto 96 Polar frost-resistant wood adhesive can be stored in temperatures as low as -40°C, for example in a car boot or unheated storage over winter. At room temperature, the product can again be used as the product brochure directs.

Kiilto Premiumis also suitable for tiling outdoors.

Kiilto Acryl acrylic caulk can be used outdoors when painted over.

Kiilto Premium Extra strong fix can withstand temperatures between -40...+100°C.

Kiilto Premium can be used to attach towel hooks, soap trays and toilet bowls in wet rooms, which would otherwise require mechanical fastening and drilling through ceramic tiles and waterproofing.

Kiilto Premium provides an ultimate joint strength of 10,000kg/m²

The clear Kiilto Clear is perfect for adding elastic exterior seals between glass tiles.