Adhesives for arts and crafts, and minor repairs

Minor repairs and gluing at home are easy with DIY adhesives. Use these to glue steel, iron, light metal, glass, porcelain, stone, wood, plastic, rubber and fabric. These adhesives come in small packs.

Possible uses:

  • jewellery, scrapbooks
  • miniatures, model planes
  • repairs of porcelain items
  • repairs of glass ornaments
  • mobiles
  • arts and crafts

Kiilto’s range of DIY adhesives includes Kiilto Pikaepoksi epoxy adhesive, Kiilto Pikaliima Gel superglue, Kiilto Pikaliima Siveltävä brush-on superglue, Kiilto Tixo Kontaktiliima contact adhesive and Kiilto 66 multipurpose/wood adhesive