Our consumer business develops, manufactures and markets reliable products designed for Finnish consumers.

We develop and make our products safely and responsibly in Finland, while caring for the environment and people. As a Finnish company, we are familiar with local conditions and standards. Our wide selection includes products for washing up, household cleaning, laundry and personal hygiene, based on seven brands: Erisan, Serto, Kiilto, Aisti, Linna, Tuulitukka and Frina.


Serto – freshness for Finns

Serto laundry detergents are designed for Finnish conditions: in line with Finnish needs and habits, and to be as gentle as possible to Finnish water. We take account of the environment and the detergent's effectiveness when designing Serto products. They contain just the right amount of water softener for Finland's unusually soft water.

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Kiilto - a clean home appeals

With the right products, you can clean surfaces effectively and ensure a clean and fresh result. You will find the right product in Kiilto’s wide selection, regardless of the room or grime you aim to tackle. Kiilto household products are developed and made in Finland, for cleaning surfaces in Finnish homes.

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Erisan – gentle care for you and your family

Erisan is a wide, fragrance-free range of products for people with sensitive skin. It includes skin care, hair and laundry products. Erisan products are developed and made in Finland for Finnish skin.

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Aisti - sense life

Aisti is a straightforward, vibrant brand that brings natural wellbeing and positive energy, encouraging us to enjoy the beauty of everyday life. It offers a range of fragrant body care products that make you feel fresh and energetic. The products offer gentle cleansing, thorough moisturising and fast absorption.

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Linna - since 1963

The history of the well-known Linna product family began in 1954, with the introduction of a child care product range by Noiro Oy. 'Linna' ('castle') came from the Children’s Castle hospital, which opened in Helsinki under the leadership of Archiatre Arvo Ylppö in 1948. The tower of this wonderful new hospital was immortalised by the packaging for the first Linna child care products.

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