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Kiilto KeraSafe Waterproofing system, interior

Fast and easy waterproofing in interior areas.

Finished waterproofed surface in one go. Always right foil thickness. Fast and easy to install.

Kiilto Oy and Kiilto Family Oy
PO BOX 250, 33101 TAMPERE
Visiting address:
Tampereentie 408, 33880 LEMPÄÄLÄ, Finland

KiiltoClean Oy
PO Box 157, 20101 Turku
Visiting address:
Tengströminkatu 6, 20360 Turku, Finland

Tel. +358 (0)207 710 100 (weekdays 8.00am-4.00pm)
Fax +358 (0)207 710 101

Tel. +358 (0)207 710 100 (weekdays 8.00am-4.00pm)