Kiilto provides fast and flexible asbestos and harmful substance analyses for its customers.

We can help you to identify possible harmful substances on construction sites. A pre-demolition asbestos and harmful substances analysis is important in terms of indoor air, occupational safety, work planning and costs. Our asbestos analyses are accredited, which testifies to the reliability of the results. Sending samples to us is easy, and you receive the results quickly by text message.


1. Seal the sample in a double-layer plastic bag.

The sample should be representative of the materials in question on all floors. Place materials taken from different locations into their own, separate bags. Close the bag carefully and place it inside another plastic bag. If necessary, our regional warehouse will supply you with sample bags and air-sample filters.

2. Fill in an order form here.

When you sent the form, we will send you an order confirmation message by email. Your order number will appear in the Subject field. NB! Write the order number you received and site details on each sample bag.

3. Send the sample – 3 alternatives:

You can send samples via Matkahuolto, using our agreement number, to the address:

Kiilto Pro Services
C/O Matkahuolto Tampere
Hatanpään valtatie 7
Agreement number 1840281

Remember to package the sample bags before sending them.
We will invoice you for the Matkahuolto delivery together with the report fee: €19.90 + VAT

If you prefer, you can order an on-site sample pick-up from our order centre:
tel. 020 7710 111 (8am to 4pm on weekdays)

We will invoice you for the pick-up together with the report fee: €39.90 + VAT

Place a sample in Kiilto's sample postbox. See here for postbox locations and sample pick-up times.

Fast results by text message

We try to deliver the results of asbestos analyses within one day of receiving the sample on weekdays, but within 2-3 working days in the case of harmful substance analyses. We provide the results for asbestos samples marked 'urgent' (additional fee of €10 + VAT per sample) and air samples on the same day (except for northern Finland). The results are sent by text message to the phone number you gave on the order form. A more detailed report is sent with the invoice by email.

Terms and conditions of service

We will apply Kiilto's service terms and conditions to the order.

Any questions? We'll be delighted to help you:

Tel. 040 663 1930
laboratorio @

Price list:
Request an offer from your regional manager!

Any questions? We'll be delighted to help you:
Tel. 040 663 1930
laboratorio @

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