Kiilto Special tiling systems and special products for tiling

KIILTO dB STOP Sound reduction system
The KIILTO dB STOP Sound reduction system is one of our systems developed for special tiling. It is perfect for use with ceramic tiles and has been shown to improve their sound insulation. The KIILTO dB STOP system, which has been tested by VTT, can improve the sound insulation of floor structures by 13 decibels.

The Kiilto dBSTOP system is ideal for locations where the old surface material will make way for durable, long-term ceramic flooring meeting sound insulation requirements, or where such requirements limit the choice of floor surface structures.

Kiilto Link forms an elastic layer under tiles in dry rooms and spaces. It develops a suppressant layer that lowers the risk of tiles loosening by adjusting for distortions caused by the drying of the concrete. Patented.

It can be used in new builds to ensure a successful tiling result, and to minimise risks caused by moisture as structures dry. Also used in public spaces such as lobbies, and when using large floor tiles.

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