A consultation service for the induction of designers

Kiilto provides assistance through its user guides for building supplies and products developed for certain applications, and product-related on-site designer induction. We will be delighted to explain the use, instructions and practices of our products, and brief you on practices for ensuring that installation and designed structures are well executed.

Kiilto has engaged in long-term cooperation with professional builders and developed its products in line with practical feedback from construction sites. We identify risks and understand our products. A range of missteps and serious construction errors can be avoided by induction in the use of products in designed structures.

We provide guidance on the design of structures and their realisation in practice. We will also help you to identify and take account of risks during the design phase. Ask for further details on the use and installation of Kiilto products and the related induction - we will be delighted to advise you!

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On-site demonstrations

Do you want to ensure successful installation in your designed structure, wet room or sealing work? An on-site demonstration of Kiilto Oy construction products can be agreed with the contractor. Include the demonstration in your design. Demonstrations are separately agreed for each site, in accordance with the design.

In practice, most are carried out or organised by the contractor commissioned to work on the structure. When proposed at the design stage, a demonstration can be prepared well in advance and its realisation can be agreed between the participants.

Induction in installation, techniques, materials and their use helps to achieve a successful result. The project participants can then confirm the completion of induction and the work is most likely to succeed free of delays and surprises caused by errors. At Kiilto, we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have about on-site demonstrations.

If necessary, contact your local regional manager:

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