Kiilto Pro Academy

Training and info sessions for designers

Supplementary training on design and supervision of wet rooms

Supplementary training on the design and supervision of wet rooms provides participants with training in those subjects. The training is suitable for people in charge of the design, realisation and supervision of wet rooms, and moisture control during building projects.

The training qualifies as a supplementary course contributing towards construction certification as a wet room supervisor. It involves content evaluated and required by the certification company Eurofins Expert Services Oy, and plenty of material on topical themes such as moisture control and the construction and renovation of wet rooms. The training lasts around half a day and can also be arranged at the customer’s facilities.

Check your local website for forthcoming training events.

Indoor air for designers

At these half-day briefings, we describe Kiilto’s services and products for indoor air design. We also tell designers where to find important information and documents, and how to use them. Kiilto has developed new products for sealant repairs; we provide further information on the related product features, use and design material. Afterwards, you will know more about Kiilto’s construction product options for ensuring high indoor air quality, and our building product features from the design perspective.

We also aim to hold a joint discussion on indoor air issues, providing information and tools for solving problems and smoother design.

Check your local website for forthcoming training events.

Kiilto Pro Academy trains over 4,000 construction industry professionals each year.

We continuously develop our tool for designers, to help them select construction products and instruct on their use. We provide training on the use of product and product selection tools. Such training is tailored to meet the time constraints and training needs of your company. The training can take the form of short info sessions or more in-depth training, and guidance sessions on using design tools.

Kiilto helps designers to take account of the entire lifecycle of buildings. We provide designers with valuable quality control documents and a wide range of maintenance manuals. The design material takes account of the new decree on the effectiveness of moisture control technology in buildings, and can be directly applied in locations where the Kuivaketju10 model is being used. Design is smooth and the documents are easy to find. As a designer, you can focus on your special area of expertise – we have thought the products through on your behalf!