Lifecycle solutions

Construction products and services that take account of project lifecycles

Kiilto Oy has taken a step towards better indoor air. We are creating construction solutions based on a new approach – taking account of project lifecycles. We provide construction solutions based on reliably tested, high-quality materials. These enable the improved functioning of structures wherever needed. We provide working instructions for systems, as well as quality assurance documents, and other maintenance-related material. We will be delighted to advise you on choosing between systems and using design materials.

Kiilto’s professional cleanliness and hygiene business provides close support for construction solutions

Ensuring clean indoor air and a comfortable indoor climate – these are focus areas in Kiilto’s development of its cleanliness and hygiene solutions. In our construction solutions, we can make wide use of the high-quality, professional solution and R&D expertise available in our subsidiaries.

Kiilto also takes broad account of indoor air standards in its professional cleanliness work. We now have new, updated bathroom maintenance cleaning instructions (see our Finnish document bank) for construction activities. Instructions can be consulted as a maintenance manual attachment and issued to facility users, or serve as a supplement for design documentation.

At Kiilto, we are passionate about high-quality construction. Based on domestic products and expertise, we can provide solutions for entire building lifecycles.

In this section, we describe our cooperation in developing solutions for Kiilto and provide the latest news on issues related to construction, designs for cleaner indoor air, test results and information on topical issues.

Volatile compounds in Kiilto’s maintenance cleaning agents have been analysed

Volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and other aldehydes in Kiilto’s most popular maintenance cleaning agents have been analysed by neutral, accredited test laboratories. The tested cleaning agents do not cause VOC reference values to be exceeded in normal maintenance cleaning.

”To ensure good indoor air, it is worth choosing a fragrance-free and solvent-free cleaning agent for maintenance cleaning. Kiilto Vieno Unscented, Kiilto Plusclean, Kiilto 10 Universum Unscented and Kiilto Sanitop are fragrance-free and have no added solvents. The analysis confirmed that these products do not release volatile compounds into indoor air during maintenance cleaning,” says Product Development Manager Heidi Kähkönen.

Kiilto’s cleaning solutions for various floor surfaces – add to maintenance manual material!

Need advice on maintenance and user instructions for floor surface structures, or additional material on various cleanliness solutions? Ask Kiilto’s professional cleaning and hygiene solution experts.

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Business Development Manager
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