Kiilto is developing products based on the latest innovations in flame retardancy

In February, the Finnish national broadcasting company Yle reported on a new Finnish chemistry innovation in flame retardants. The topic was also featured in the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland's newsletter in April. The flame retardants developed in Åbo Akademi University are both environmentally friendly and safe for human health, and have sparked widespread international interest. Kiilto Oy is in the process of developing products based on these innovations to protect wood-, paper- and textile-based materials, for example.

Founded nearly 100 years ago, Kiilto has been operating in the international market for 30 years. Kiilto is a growing company with special expertise in the chemical industry. In order to maintain this strong trend of growth, the company needs to be able to constantly renew itself and provide its customers with even better products and services. One of the newest faces in the Kiilto Industry business area is that of Business Development Manager Atte Borgenström (MSc Economics), who took up his post in July. His duties include developing business operations related to flame retardants.

Keeping an ear to the customer

Kiilto has about twenty ongoing customer collaboration projects where the flame retardants are being tested.

“Flame retardants that do not harm the environment or human health are an object of rapidly growing interest both here in Finland and abroad,” Borgenström says.

Borgenström states that from the perspective of both Kiilto's own operating procedures and the development of the entire industry, it is particularly important to keep an ear to the customer and the market's needs when moving forward.

“The team working on the flame retardants here at Kiilto is extremely competent and dynamic. We are happy to dive deeper into the subject and discuss with our customers how our flame retardant solutions could help them in their particular situation,” Borgenström concludes.

We are not yet aware of all of the harmful effects of bromine

Environmentally-friendly flame retardants could be used to replace bromine, a toxic substance commonly used in current flame retardant products. There are no exhaustive research results detailing the harmful effects that bromine has on our health and the environment.

Until now, there have been no efficient alternatives available for brominated flame retardants. However, efforts are still being made to reduce the use of bromine due to its toxicity, through agreements for example. Tests have shown the new generation of halogen-free flame retardants developed at Åbo Akademi University to be very efficient in stopping the ignition and spread of fire. Furthermore, the compounds are effective in very small concentrations.

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