Fastest in Finland - A new, state-of-the-art technique for wet areas

Kiilto KeraPro is a brand new, exceptionally fast drying one-component waterproofing membrane. It is tested and approved also for sealing air leaks.

Ready for tiling just after one hour

KeraPro can be rolled, but also sprayed on the surface with a high pressure sprayer. After spraying the surface is ready for tiling just after 1 hour. In roller application, the drying time for the first coat is approx. 1 h and for the second approx. 2 h, so you can begin tiling soon.

Measuring dry coat without damaging it

Thickness of a dry Kiilto KeraPro coat can be measured without damaging the membrane layer! The measuring method uses ultra sound and leaves the membrane coat intact. It gives fast and reliable results and is tested and approved by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland: test report VTT-S-02909-16.

New orange colour

Kiilto KeraPro has fresh orange colour, so grey and white pencil marks are clearly visible, just like laser beams. Gel-like KeraPro stays well in the roller, which speeds up the job.

KeraPro’s consumption is 0.75 l/m2 (1 kg/m2), thickness of dry membrane coat on the wall and floor must be 0.5 mm at the minimum.

Kiilto KeraPro is available in 1, 5, 10 and 15 l packages. 15 l package gives even20 m2 finished waterproofed surface!

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