Construction and building

6 Sep 2017 - Fast like a train 6 Sep 2017 Pirkan Pinnoitus rebuilds the lavatories in the Tampere railway station. In such a demanding target, Kiilto products are a great help with their easy manageability and fast drying features.
29 Aug 2017 - The first M1-classified sanitary silicone 29 Aug 2017 Kiilto is the first to launch on a market an M1-classified sanitary silicone for wet areas. M1-classification stands for low emissions, and the aim of the classification is to enhance the development and use of low-emitting building materials. At the same time, it aims to advance the choice of low-emission, healthy materials for construction projects.
17 Jul 2017 - International point of view: Kiilto in Estonia 17 Jul 2017 OÜ Kiilto Eesti, founded in 1999, is an importer and wholesaler of construction products and industrial adhesives in Estonia.
12 Jun 2017 - Even weeks’ timesaving with KiiltoPro rapid wet room system 12 Jun 2017 Fast track pipe renovations and the amount of time spent in bathroom renovations have received a lot of media attention this year in construction. What comes to the duration of a bathroom renovation process, products and working methods play a key role. KiiltoPro rapid wet room system brings significant timesavings in the construction of a wet room.
4 May 2017 - Kiilto SR DF Pikamärkätilatasoite - improved drying and filling properties 2–40 mm 4 May 2017 Kiilto SR DF is a fast, cement-based wall plaster with good filling properties. Suitable for various stone substrates in dry and wet areas
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