Construction and building

23 May 2018 - Developing construction, bit by bit – Kiilto contributes to digitalisation of building sites 23 May 2018 Digitalisation is making its presence felt on construction sites. A positioning system for equipment and materials sets the course for major changes that will help companies in the sector to eliminate risks related to timetables, costs and quality.
6 Apr 2018 - Using low alkali levelling compounds to prevent indoor air quality problems 6 Apr 2018 Battling indoor air quality problems can be challenging and expensive, as the source of the problem is often difficult to identify. The problems identified must of course be fixed, but it is even more important to focus on prevention. Indoor air quality problems can be reduced by using low alkali levelling compounds.
21 Feb 2018 - Nordic Swan Ecolabel for a detached house 21 Feb 2018 Finland's first detached house to be certified for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Villa Roiha, is under construction in Kaarina. The building site uses Kiilto products, which meet the strict environmental criteria for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
14 Feb 2018 - Renovating an old office property for a new airport hotel 14 Feb 2018 An old office property located at Lentäjäntie 1 at Helsinki Airport is being transformed into a hotel. Kiilto’s products are also used in the renovation project carried out by Peab.
31 Jan 2018 - Kiilto’s updated fix and sealant range helps in choosing the right product 31 Jan 2018 Thanks to an update of their fixes and sealants, Kiilto is now offering building professionals a wider product selection than ever before. Products will be available in stores from February.
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28 May 2018 - Fireproofing becomes part of Kiilto’s services 28 May 2018 Kiilto Oy is launching its new Fireproof product family of fire protection solutions paper and packaging industry. The key features of Kiilto Fireproof flame retardants are eco-friendliness, ease of use and effectiveness.
13 Apr 2018 - Kiilto and CLT Plant open a new chapter in the success story of Finnish wood construction 13 Apr 2018 Kiilto Oy and CLT Plant Oy have reached agreement on extensive cooperation related to the gluing process for cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction panel manufacturing. CLT panels are created from cross-glued layers of board, and are suitable for all construction purposes. The polyurethane adhesive supplied by Kiilto has been granted the M1 low-emission indoor air rating. Given the amount of indoor air problems that have come to public notice in recent years, there is growing interest in wood construction.
4 Jan 2018 - Juha Mikkonen appointed as Regional Manager for Kiilto Oy’s industrial business 4 Jan 2018 Juha Mikkonen, M.Sc. (Tech.) in wood product technology, has started as Regional Manager for Kiilto Oy's industrial business in southeastern Finland and Häme region on 2 January 2018. Before Kiilto, he worked as a Product Manager at Limab Oy.
7 Nov 2017 - Good night, better indoor air 7 Nov 2017 Beds matter because we spend a large part of our life sleeping. Demanding M1 laboratory tests were conducted to ensure that Siparila’s glulam bed components were emission-free.
22 May 2017 - Finally getting rid of brominated flame retardants? 22 May 2017 The Finnish innovation is close to a commercial breakthrough
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