General news

24 Oct 2017 - Kiilto Family arranges art competition for students of Academy of Fine Arts 24 Oct 2017 In cooperation with Uniarts Helsinki's Academy of Fine Arts, the Kiilto Family Group published an art competition in the summer of 2017 that is open to all students of the Academy of Fine Arts. The theme of the competition is Customer Is King — Focusing…
23 Oct 2017 - Responsibility begins at the level of management — but it is part of everyone's work 23 Oct 2017 The chemical industry was a model student in a corporate responsibility study by FIBS. Corporate responsibility was deemed a material issue for the business in 90% of all chemical industry companies.
6 Oct 2017 - Kiilto is developing products based on the latest innovations in flame retardancy 6 Oct 2017 In February, the Finnish national broadcasting company Yle reported on a new Finnish chemistry innovation in flame retardants. The topic was also featured in the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland's newsletter in April.
6 Oct 2017 - Better results with a friend 6 Oct 2017 Last week, I heard one of our customers thanking our Regional Manager for Kiilto's contribution to their core operations—and not for the first time.
14 Sep 2017 - Industrial co-operation promotes responsibility and brings cost savings 14 Sep 2017 Drums containing hazardous cleaning solvent waste are loaded onto a truck at the Kiilto factory. Their destination is not Fortum's disposal plant in Riihimäki, however — they are headed for the municipality of Marttila instead, where Arwina Oy's solvent…
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