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Paper and packaging industry

Untreated paper and cardboard are flammable materials. Their flammability therefore limits their use as construction materials, for example. The fireproofing of paper or cardboard improves the fire classification of the end product, which can open up new opportunities, or even entire markets for the product.

Flame retardants offer major benefits in the fire resistance and safety of paper and packaging products. Kiilto Fireproof flame retardant is safe, easy to use and efficient. The Kiilto Fireproof P-series contains only environmentally friendly substances. We offer the environment and people a harmless, easy-to-apply flame retardant for all paper and packaging industry products.

Our flame retardant does not affect the properties of the material

The substance is applied either during the manufacturing process or directly to the finished product afterwards.

Kiilto's flame retardants for the packaging industry are single-component, water-based, liquid substances. Normally, their viscosity is approximately 18–20 mPas (DIN3), though it can also be adjusted, where necessary.

The flame retardant can be applied as normal printing colour and does not affect the cardboard's other properties. Printing colour can also be applied directly to the flame retardant.

Saves time and material costs

Kiilto implements the necessary fireproofing as efficiently as possible, saving the customer's time and more importantly, material costs. We customise the flame retardant according to the customer's wishes. Our specialised fireproofing team ensures the suitability of the product for the customer's production process.



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