Our expert service

We provide our customers with diverse gluing solutions, technical support, and expert and testing services. We are familiar with industrial applications, processes, materials and work methods, as well as environmental and safety regulations. We support our customers in selecting materials, optimising adhesives volumes and using products correctly. Ideally, we can also help to develop our customers’ production processes.

We know how wood and adhesive behave

In our updated wood adhesive laboratory, we test the behaviour of wood and adhesive in a variety of conditions. We have in-depth knowledge about the requirements wood species, climates, production processes, applications and classifications place on adhesives. This expertise is mirrored by our products.

Our testing equipment service customer production

Thanks to our automatic adhesive application equipment, we can determine the best adhesive for the customer’s production line. The equipment can be adjusted to meet the settings of the customer's production line and examine the behaviour of the adhesive and materials without disturbing the customer's actual production. The system can be used to continuously simulate operating panel lines and single-unit production. The simulation can determine the adhesive's open time and press time. The equipment includes a dosing and application unit, conveyor and heated press.

In our laboratory, we test the heat and moisture resistance and strength of materials with a variety of methods. The regional managers who visit our customers have access to a wide variety of measurement and test application equipment, such as thermal cameras as well as recording temperature and moisture meters.

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Our experts are always nearby

Our nearly 100 years of experience in adhesives is available to all our customers. Our experts are always willing to meet your challenges and solve problems. Upon contacting our customer service and technical support, you will be served by experts specialised in the manufacturing technology and materials used in your field. We can always be reached quickly.

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