Music brings joy and togetherness in the workplace choir

Music is special in that it can take the listener on a journey through time. Music can stick to an emotion or phase of life like a magnet; when a song charged with memories starts to play, it calls up past experiences, feelings and scents. The magic of music was present in May, when the Kiilto Ensemble performed at Lempäälän Ehtookoto service housing facility. The songs evoked the listeners’ memories of music and choirs. Members of the Kiilto choir create new memories together and find it refreshing to learn new things together.

In spring 2015, an employee choir was established at the main office of the Kiilto Family Group in Lempäälä. The organiser behind the idea was Kiilto Oy R&D Assistant Satu Jyräkoski.

“The idea of a choir or just singing together in general germinated for several years before the choir was assembled. In product development, we have been in the habit of singing as we work and especially at evening get-togethers. And then the idea went on from there,” says Satu.

There is a wide range of recreational activities offered for employees in Lempäälä in the form of many types of group exercise and opportunities to do or try out different sports. The choir supplements the selection of recreational opportunities for personnel, providing an alternative for refreshment through physical exercise.

“It is nice to sing in the choir because it makes me forget all the other thoughts running through my head and focus solely on singing. It is a moment of relaxation in the middle of the workweek,” says Kiilto Oy Product Development Manager Marjaana Mussalo.

Choir: more than the sum of its voices

The Kiilto Ensemble choir is led and driven forward by Maija Halme, who also works as a singing teacher at the Tampere School of Singing. Maija’s approach to teaching is encouraging and enthusiastic, which also spreads to the singers. Choir singing is teamwork at its best; even though the members sometimes learn how to sing high and loud, they do not compete against each other. It is important to learn how to listen to others and find a harmony that works.

“Above all, singing together makes you feel good and provides excellent stress relief. It also gives the joy of success when you are always learning new things,” says Kiilto Oy R&D Assistant Päivi Jokinen.

“When you sing together, even your own voice sounds so lovely! I’m also a bit of a cry-baby: when the choir is singing beautifully, I simply can’t stop bawling,” Päivi says with a twinkle in her eye.

Plenty of room off-key

In the Kiilto choir, learning is both fun and easy, and the hobby is not taken too seriously.

“With people you know, it doesn’t matter if you can’t always carry a tune. The most important thing is doing something fun together. And you have to remember that there is plenty of room off-key,” Marjaana says with a laugh.

Above all, singing together makes you feel good and provides excellent stress relief. It also gives the joy of success when you are always learning new things.