Great scores in Active Workplace certification

Kiilto Oy undergoes the Active Workplace certification every two years. The company achieved a record result in the 2016 certification, scoring 90% of the maximum score (2014 83%). The result is also outstanding on the national level.

Active Workplace certification is a tool for the assessment and development of the physical activity of personnel. Its main objective is to give participating organisations feedback about the various aspects of the physical activity of personnel and the quality of activities. The certification is organised by Valo, Finland’s national sport and exercise organisation, together with regional sports associations. Organisations that achieve at least 50% of the maximum score are eligible for the certification.

Improving well-being by developing activities

One of the aims of our occupational well-being programme is to always improve on our previous certification score. Kiilto Oy has achieved this aim for each of its four certifications, thanks to the determined and long-term improvement of occupational well-being activities. The company achieved the perfect score in, for example, co-operation with occupational healthcare, activation for exercise and follow-up systems. There is still room for improvement in things like the standing of exercise, management and resourcing, and exercise conditions. Kiilto will definitely not rest on its laurels even though its staff exercise activities have been recognised as excellent.