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Cleaning lacquered and oiled wood floors

Sand and other loose dirt can easily damage the surface of a wood floor. Mats that collect dirt and sand should be installed at entrances. Avoid using water on wood and parquet floors. Remove loose dirt with a vacuum using a soft attachment.

You can also clean the floor with a damp mop with a small amount of neutral cleaning agent, if necessary. Always remove stains before they stick to the lacquered or oiled surfaces. Dry with a cloth moistened with clean lukewarm water, where needed.


Cleaning agent

chocolate, grease, fruit, ice cream, cream, juice, coffee, soda, tea, wine, egg, beer

Kiilto Laminaatti&Parketti spray cleaner
Kiilto Kodinpuhdistaja universal domestic cleaner

asphalt, rubber, oil, shoe polish, difficult chocolate and grease stains, crayon, lipstick, marker pen

Kiilto Mineraalitärpätti white spirit

candle wax, chewing gum

Kiilto Freeze cold spray


cold water

Repairing scratches

If your parquet floor is heavily scratched or dented, you can sand it lightly and apply more lacquer or, if necessary, sand the old lacquer layer off and apply an entirely new one – this should be done by a professional!

If the old floor has been lacquered with varnish, all of it should be removed before applying a new coat.

In addition to cleaning, an oiled wood floor can be maintained with Kiilto Parquet Care Oil. The oil should be used when the floor looks worn and has lost its polish.

See instructions of use in the video

On the Kiilto YouTube channel, you will find instructions on how to clean wood floors, remove stains and perform minor surface repairs.

We will add more instructional videos based on our customers' wishes.



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