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Work instructions

Tiling base

The base surface must always be taken into account when installing tiles.

The base must be:

  • firm
  • clean
  • dust-free
  • straight

Remove any old layers that may weaken the bind, such as plastic floor covering, adhesive residue and cement paste in the case of a cement floor. The base must be made of a material that is not susceptible to thermal deformation.

Spread the adhesive with the straight edge of the notched trowel and finish it with the notched edge.

Suitable bases for tile installation include most cement-based floor and wall levelling compounds as well as all boards and panels that are recommended to be tiled by their manufacturers. Wood-based materials, such as chip board, plywood board or waterproof plywood, are not suitable.

Spread the adhesive with the straight edge of the notched trowel and finish it with the notched edge. Press the tile against the fresh adhesive and let it dry. Grout the seams once the adhesive has dried.

Installing tiles on old tiles

As a general rule, installing tiles on old tiles is not recommended, especially in wet rooms or if the tiles have been installed on chip board or gypsum board. Tiles can be installed on old tile layers between kitchen fixtures if the old tiles are first washed carefully with the Kiilto Maalarinpesu washing agent, for example, and the surface is roughened with sandpaper. The new tiles can then be affixed with an adhesive, such as Kiilto Saneerauslaasti.

See the work instructions in the video

On Kiilto's YouTube channel, you can find detailed instructions for tiling, grouting and special applications, such as tiling the walls behind a sauna stove, covering a floor with large tiles and installing stone tiles and other decorative stone surfaces.

We will add more instructional videos based on our customers’ wishes.



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