Upgraded, faster Keramix A+X waterproofing membrane

Kiilto Keramix is a CE marked waterproofing membrane for interior and exterior applications.

Keramix dries very fast: first layer dries approx. 1 h and the second layer 1.5 h - and the floor is ready for tiling. Membrane’s color will deepen during drying. However, dried Keramix surface is still light, which facilitates further work phases in the waterproofed area.

Product is well suited also for sealing air leaks, and the suitability is tested by Vahanen Rakennusfysiikka Oy. Additionally, Keramix A + X can be used together Kiilto KeraPro, Kerafiber and KeraSafe waterproofing systems.

Coverage 1.5 kg/m = 0.8 dry membrane coat

Package sizes:

  • A+ X, 5 + 5 kg package includes A-liquid component and X-powder component
  • X powder component 10 kg
  • A liquid component 10 l
Upgraded, faster Keramix A+X is well suited also for sealing air leaks.

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