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Nearly a century of Finnish adhesive chemistry

Kiilto's story began in October 1919 in a small hair tonic and shoe polish factory in the Pispala district of Tampere

At that time, the country had a shortage of almost everything. Still, there were plenty of resourceful people around. When products could not be imported, companies were set up to make them locally. This is how the company known as Kiilto Oy was born.
- Kiilto history / Hannu Hyttinen

In the 1910s, chemists were in need of hair tonic and mouthwash to sell, shoe factories had run out of paints, polish, wax and adhesives, furniture factories needed spirit lacquers and polishes. The name Kiilto (lit. Shine) is indicative of the products the company manufactured in its early days.

Glue supplants mechanical joints

The first owner of Kiilto was an industrious idea man, who quickly honed in on the products and customers important to the factory. He began to consider producing adhesives for the shoe industry, in which he saw excellent market potential. Gluing could replace traditional mechanical joints to bind together a variety of materials with a clean and neat end result.

The breakthrough of adhesive floor coverings in the 1930s also kicked off the production of construction adhesives. As the materials and methods developed, the needs and applications expanded in constructions and various fields of industry.

It was also discovered that attachment is, increasingly often, a comprehensive process that involves a variety of phases alongside gluing. This insight motivated Kiilto to expand its product selection.

As early as the 1960s, Finnish constructors often used elements that needed to be finished with a specialised levelling compound before the carpet or flooring could be glued in place. The most appealing supplier was naturally the factory that could provide the adhesives and levelling compounds as a complete package.
(Kiilto history/Hannu Hyttinen)

Today, Kiilto develops and manufactures adhesives and related products and systems for all kinds of construction, renovation and industrial purposes from top to bottom.

Staunch supporter of Finnish employment

Kiilto has worked close to a century to generate Finnish products and well-being. These efforts are naturally on-going.

Buying a Finnish quality product supports the entire society.

Managing Director of Kiilto, Kontakti customer magazine 2015

Since the factory is fully owned by Finnish entrepreneurs, the public should pay more attention to its products, as they surely deserve it.

News article in 1925



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